Friday, 20 May 2011

How to get RICH in Maple Story.

Hi Fellas, Here are some Money making activities that I do in MS.

How to get RICH in Maple Story?? Simple, Just follow these:
  • Grind where expensive items drop. (Scrolls, Books, Stars etc..)
  • Look for cheap items in MTS (Maple Trading System) and sell them at a higher price.
  • Pick up equips, They might have good hidden POT in it.
  •  Look for cheap Auctions in Basil Market and resell it in MS.
  • Get NX and sell them to users.
    • Be an FM Hoe. I'm sure there are lots of noob merchers in FM. You can buy items at low price. 
    • Do Scar, Targ, Zack, HT runs with friends, Helms are expensive now-a-days.
    • Or Go Solo Boss Runs: e.g. Centipede, Manon, Griffey etc. 
    • Do PQ's:
    1. Pyramid - Pots, Scrolls, Equips
    2. Dojo - Belts
    3. LPQ - Pots, Scrolls, Broken Glasses
    •  Be a Cube Hoe: Cube and cube and cube until you get your pot to rare or unique. Sell this items at very high price.
    • Accomplish quest that gives good prices
    Here are some lists: (click on the lists for more details on this quest.)


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