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What to expect on the upcoming Chaos Patch in GMS (Global Maple Story).

What to expect on the upcoming Chaos Patch in GMS
(Global Maple Story).

Here are some changes done in KMS (Korean maple story) on their Chaos patch:
(Source gathered from SPADOW's Blog.)
  • There will be 3 updates
    • Return of the Hero - reorganization update (heroes will get stronger and better)
    • Technological Age - 2nd update, chars will get new profession skills.
    • Super Fight - Last update
        - There will also be new lvl140  equips and weapons coming out. -

Summary of Return of the Hero Patch:
  • Skill balancing
  • Return of Arans, Evans and Dual Blades (Limited time).
  • Dual Blades will receive new skills
    • Blade Fury
    • Vital Steal
    • Phantom Blow
  • Arans will receive new skills
    • Combo Judgment - The skill can hit multiple monsters and can freeze them as well
    •  A skill that can create an instantaneous combo count and more.
    • Some skills were moved to an earlier job advancement and had their combo count required changed
  • Evans changes
    • The attacking speed of Evan was improved
    • Dragon Blink- Teleports you to a random location in the map
    • Dragon Sparking - With a certain success rate, you can deal extra damage.
    • Protection of the Onyx - you can give you and your party members extra avoidability
    • Will of the Onyx -  you can prevent yourself getting knock-backed from a monster’s attack and able to attack with your body 
 Summary of Technological Age Patch:
  • Profession skills
  • There are 5 profession skills available for  everyone to master
  • Here are the professions:
    • Herbalism - Collect herbs, flowers and seeds in Maple World. With that, you can make  different herb oils. Herb oil is required for Alchemy to make a variety of potions.
    • Mining - Mine ores and crystals in Maple World with your pickaxe. It’s also possible to make refined jewels and plates from mineral ores.
    • Equipment Forging - Use refined jewels and plates to forge a lot of defensive armor and weapons.
    • Jewel crafting - Make accessories (earrings, rings, belts, face accessories, pendants and shoulder pads) from refined jewels and plates.
    • Alchemy - Use the herb oils from Herbalism to create a wide variety of potions. It’s also possible to disassemble and fuse equipment with Alchemy.
-When your character is Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn up to 2 profession skills.-
-As you work on these profession skills, your character’s fatigue rate will increase. In order to decrease fatigue rate, you have to visit an NPC.-
Summary of Super Fight Patch:
  • PvP will be available 
    • Players who are Lv. 30 or higher can enter the Battle Arena
    • In the PvP area, the players’ levels and stats will automatically be adjusted.
    • There are three modes you can enter:
      • Survival - Battle without restrictions and rules. 
      • Team Match - Battle with teams within a time limit. 
      • Ice Knight - One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight. Other players will need to survive from the Ice Knight, because the goal of the Ice Knight is to freeze all the players in the map.
    • Players who battled in PvP mode can earn BP (Battle Point). You can make and buy items with FPs.
  • Henesys will have a new look
  • There will be a new area for Lv. 160+ players called ”Door of the Future”.
  • There will also be a new boss.
- JUNE 29th is the expected date for chaos patch in GMS-
Are you ready Guys?

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