Saturday, 25 June 2011

A glimpse on MapleStory Adventures

MapleStory Adventures is a FaceBook version of Maple Story. Its developer, Nexon ofc.
Now let me tour you around Maple Adventures. Just for the sake of those maplers that weren't lucky enough to get their free BETA KEY.

Like every game that exists in this world MapleStory  Adventures has it's own Splash Page or Welcome Page. Oh. before everything else, you can access Maple adventures with this URL The shady dark sides are not really part of the real thing, I just added them up so it would look more pleasing. =)
The Splash Page or whatsoever they call it LOL

After clicking "Begin Your Journey" button from splash page and before you could explore the Maple World. Maple Adventures will ask you to chose between the two jobs (magician or warrior). For me as a Warrior for life mapler I chose WARRIOR. Wariors FTW f2.
Job selection

Like in the real maple, after you've chosen your class, you'll have to Customize your own Character. What sux in Maple Adventures is that your char will be named after your FB account name. "My char has and UGLY name F7". =______=
Customize your char

This is how the Loading Screen looks like.
Loading..... Computer CRASHED!!! ahahah

Finally the noob is on the game. =) So now what? I got welcomed by this warrior named EMILY. I really don't know where did maple get that name, but it sure does sound like my friends name. =) This emily girl taught me the game mechanics/basics. Like: How to walk/move/attack - your not gonna use the arrow keys to move and space bar jump. In maple adventures it's all click and click and click. click to move to a spot. click to att., click to pick-up and etc.

The game audio was adopted from the original maple.
The lvl1 noob
Game elements:
1. XP bar - your experience bar, it simply tells you your current xp
2. Energy bar - tells how much energy you have, you need energy to attack. 1 attack consumes 1 energy. maybe with magicians, they use mana or something. but that's the principle 1 att - 1energy.
3. Meso bar - shows your total money
4. Gem or stone bar - I don't really know what it's called, but it is used to buy skills.
5. Map Desc. - simply tells tour current location.
6. Power bar - it's your base att. damage
The elements
Other elements:
1. Bag - it's your inventory. It is where usables, loots, equips and miscs are placed.
2. Fashion -it is where CASH SHOP items are stored. Not like global ms Cash items in M adventures can be purchased by the regular Mesos coins.
3. Skill - it is where you can equip skills or unequip them and upgrade them.
4. Shop - It is where you buy your equipments and Fasion
5. Collection - this is where collectible items are placed. There are sets of collectible items to complete once you've completed em, you can trade them with it's corresponding energy point.
6. Map - you can only use your map if and only your are lvl4 and above. The world map looks like Victoria island. The only difference is that the maps are connected like that of the map of super Mario.

Available quests are displayed on the left side of the screen, with the corresponding icon of the NPC and the number of quests to accomplish. Like in the picture below I have 2 quests to do for Emily.
Quests quests quests

To quip equipments, just click the EQUIP button. To sell or delete items, just click the x on the right side of the EQUIP button.
Equip and Sell?
You can hire friends with existing MapleStory Adventures account to fight by your side. You can only hire them if they have energy as shown on their status. The number of energy of a hired friend is shown on top of it's head. I think a hired friend resets it's energy every 24 hours. maybe, not sure. but let's find out.
The tag-team =)
World Map
Chief Stan OMG
And the last things that ill show you are:
1. Mystery box - usable that gives random prizes
2. Treasure box -gives random prizes like Mystery box but requires a golden key. Golden key could be obtained through friends. Yep they could be gifted to you.
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Alrighties, that's all for today folks. Please leave a comment or feedback on regarding this article. Thanks for reading. If you need beta keys click here.


  1. If you are a Magician and you have gotten "Warrior stuff" from monsters, can you trade the "Warrior Stuff" with friends who are Warriors?