Saturday, 18 June 2011

Global MapleStory: Chaos - Age of Heroes

June 29th, 2011
  Just anothere link from youtube =3
Fight the Future!
"The Gate to the Future is open! Travel from the Temple of Time to a time of terror. Henesys is in ruins and the Empress Cygnus is a feared foe. Explore an all-new area, and face down friends-turned-foes in the hardest challenges ever seen in Maple World!
*Open to characters level 160 and higher."

> those highlighted texts are the exact texts that nexon posted..
> there's gonna be a new map for lvls 160.
> but what's not clear is that. is it connected to ToT? maybe? what maters most is that there's a new map and
   monsters yey!

> Arans, Evans, DBs became cooler as mentioned in my first Chaos patch post (Link)
> new skills
> improved game balance
> these changes of-course will be available on June 19, 2011

New Voices!
"Even if you can defeat the Empress, don’t expect her to go silently. Voiceovers in the Cygnus and Chief Knights battle as well as in the Lion King’s Castle will forever change the way you communicate with NPCs in Maple World."

> new voice? omg.. there highlighted again.. yet again, that statement came from and again and again.. hehehe

Arighties, i hope this post helped you and informed you well! Well if of-course, if you wanted more details and more advanced article about chaos patch. Just click this (link) <-- this one right here, i posted a month ago ehehe...

Images: all images used came from maple.nexon,net 
I don't own em. =)

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