Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Maplestory global community awards 2011

Maplestory global community awards 2011
        Maple global had elected four winners, identified by their forum names, for their outstanding achievements in three categories: Creative Expressionist, Humanitarian, and Socialite.
  • The Creative Expression Award - Yoshumari --This Mapler is known for his talent creating fan fiction. With over 15 chapters in his own MapleStory epic since 2010.
  •  The Creative Expression Award - klydekiss -- Well known in the community for creating amazing works of Maple-inspired art.

  • The Humanitarian Award - xgrantwallx --This Mapler takes community service to the next level, selflessly giving back to the community by providing guidance and aid to all Maplers -- in-game and out.   .
  • Socialite 2011 - Angel Wings -- Angel Wings spreads the good news and keeps fans updated on all things MapleStory through Facebook and Twitter.

          All four winning Maplers will receive an exclusive in-game medal as well as a trophy hand-sculpted by Nexon America’s very own web designer and resident artist. 

          The medals will not come with any stats, but are one-of-a-kind and will serve to distinguish the winning Maplers in-game.*

      The trophy is still in production

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