Sunday, 7 August 2011

power outage is not the cause of GMS being down

Basing from their post in facebook,

"The MapleStory game and website are currently offline. We're taking a look at the issue and will let everyone know when we have an update. Thank you!".

I think they encountered a problem causing them to put the game offline. It's very clear that it's not a cause of power outage. If it is, they should have mentioned it in their last post. More over, Nexon is not poor enough not to afford buying a generator.

Let's just hope that Nexon will fix it no matter what the problem is.
PS: I want 25k maple points. lol and 4hrs worth of x4 =)))))


  1. Hello! This is the first time I saw this game, haven't heard of MapleStory before. What is it all about?

  2. it's an MORPG. 2d international game owned by nexon. the origin of this game is from korea and is now adopted by US.. it's base of today is located in California... Have you ever played Ragnarok before? Ms is just like that, with a blench of supper mario... Well you should try it too pal... it's not a bad game

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