Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MapleStory Global - Finding the second Augury - Can't find spirit of rock?

           So I was trying to finish this "Finding the second Augury" quest for my luminous and it says in the quest guide that it can be obtained in the highest part of kerning square. So I was guessing I probably the boss in KSquare. So I went there and the boss wasn't there, I even tried different channels and still no boss. So, I decided to go to the forums. I discovered that several people are having this kind of problem too. There is this guy named "Kusariku" and hes said:

"He's there 100% of the time for me if I go in without being in a party, while if I go in the minidungeon area thing while in a party, he's never there. So try that."

          So I went back in MS and see if I was on a party, and yes definitely I am in a party. I left the PT and tried it again; guess what it worked, Spirit of Rock is there!! =) 

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